SAT/ACT Resources

Test Prep for ACT & SAT

(BTWthese are all FREE)

 1.       Test Prep Seminar: The Princeton Review – This seminar is hosted by AISD during the summer and if taken on your own it would cost hundreds of dollars.  For additional details (i.e. when, where and how to sign up) check with your guidance counselor or COOL advisor in late February or early March.  Priority seating is for sophomores in AP courses.  If space is available, juniors may also sign up.

2.       Check the AHS/CHS LRC website

  •  Go to AHS/CHS website, select Departments then LRC, click on Library Homepage, select Gale-Peterson Testing, From the Toolbar Select College Prep Tools, Select ACT or SAT.
  •  This is the same online test prep the ACT/College Board charges for and it is FREE for AISD students.  You will need to enter your g-mail e-mail and create a password.  When you register it will need to be from an AISD computer, but once you create a login you should be able to login at home.

3. Need a Pencil includes a baseline test, 60 practice questions and a final comparison test.

4. – offers help in understanding certain sections of the ACT and/or SAT test with test prep guides, practice tests and flashcards.

5. – They have practice tests, flashcards and more.

6. – The College Board administers the SAT.   They have free practice questions and word of the day they will e-mail you if you sign up.  They also have an online course for a fee and include practice tests and interactive questions, but remember as an AISD student you can access this course for FREE through the AHS/CHS LRC website.

7.  – Free word of the day, practice questions, and a downloadable PDF booklet which includes practice tests.  There is also online test prep for purchase, but remember as an AISD student you can access this for FREE through the AH/CHS LRC.

8.       If you prefer a hard copy book or workbook please visit the AHS/CHS LRC or the Abilene Public Library.  There are DVD’s, books and CD with practice questions, methodology and more.  Plus it is FREE!

9.      Khan Academy offers online study guides and example tests.  Please visit to find out more.